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Filomena Spiese and Michael Hanes

Our Story

The Staff Sergeant and the General's wife - this unlikely partnership has produced DANG! good hot sauce.

Live simply. Enjoy fresh, locally harvested produce. Eat food that is healthy and healing.

Forager Mike's was born with the desire to do just this. From a childhood in the Georgia hills to his eight years in the service to weekends spent discovering the mission trails in San Diego County, founder Michael Hanes has always found a deep connection with our earth.

Shortly after discovering the power of Superfoods maca, spirulina, and mesquite, Mike connected the dots and figured out how to help other people enjoy eating good food. The key is mixing these Superfoods with everyday meals and that is when Forager Mike's was born. 

Through the mission of Forager Mike's Superfoods, Mike and Filomena hope to show people how to consume quality, tasty foods while teaching them how to sustainably live in a world with thousands of products. 

The team from Forager Mike's would also like to thank you for supporting military veteran entrepreneurs!

Our Mission Statement

Forager Mike's Superfoods is comprised of the highest quality Superfood ingredients with DANG! good taste. Our mission is to deliver good food, inside and out, promote health sustainability and food justice to ensure the wellbeing of future generations. 

Get To Know :: Michael Hanes

Founder, Owner, and Creative Food Director

Mike is a life food culinary artesian, a wild food forager, primitive wilderness survivalist, Iraq war veteran, dedicated father, technological futurist, humanitarian, nutritionist, and an environmental social scientist.

Growing up in the hills of Georgia, serving in the Marine Corps for over eight years, serving at U.S. Embassies in Cairo and El Salvador, and deploying to Iraq for the invasion of 2003 has all led Mike to feel most at home in the great outdoors. It is there he discovered his passion for nature and our innate ability to survive off of its abundance.

Mike professionally pursued his love for the earth at San Diego State University, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Social Sciences.

Handpicking ingredients for products of Forager Mike’s is a true love. Although you can find Mike using all three flavors of hot sauces, he is more partial to the maca flavor as it was the first, original recipe of the three.

In the kitchen you can find Mike eating salads with lots of good oil, eggs with green and red hot sauce, Maca on chicken, Mesquite on burgers, and Spirulina on grilled fish.

Mike has a 13 year old daughter, Zaina, and lives in El Cajon, San Diego County, California.

Get To Know :: Filomena Spiese

President and CEO

Born in the Azores, growing up on an almond and walnut farm in Northern California, and then traveling the U.S. as her husband climbed the ranks in the Marines, Filomena has seen how food always brings people together.

The wife of retired Major General Mel Spiese, mother of three, and grandmother to six, Filomena is currently living in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Filomena is passionately pursuing her love language in feeding people good, quality food through Forager Mike’s. She believes that good health begins with what you feed your body.

Filomena’s favorite Forager Mike's flavor is spirulina as she appreciates its complimentary color and how the natural ingredients of spirulina is known to support the thyroid. Through her experiments of spirulina on various foods, she has found spirulina on sweet potato pie to enhance the original flavor in a surprising and delicious way!