Thank you for supporting our small business!

The Forager Mike's team spent last weekend farming alongside families from the Veteran community, Patriot Farmers of America, and many others!

We planted rows upon rows of onions and potatoes. As many of you know, we are all about eating local and sustainable eating! While traditional farming is important, Patriot Farmers of America is all about hydroponic farming."Its solar power, water filtration and communications capabilities enable year-round production of produce to combat food insecurity all over the world. It was inspired and designed by combat veterans."

So, the outpost was a big wow factor! Everybody was intrigued with it. It really communicates the essence of 21st Century farming in producing an abundance of beautiful produce in a small footprint, while incorporating 90% water savings with hydroponics.

It was great seeing the Veterans and their families participating in both soil farming and hydroponic farming. Both methods play a crucial role in sustainable practices for our future.

For lunch, we harvested salad greens from the outpost for lunch. We made a dressing with the Forager Mike's hot sauce by mixing olive oil and all 3 superfood flavors (Maca, Mesquite, and Spirulina). We enjoyed the harvest together bringing the community even closer.

Founder, Mike Hayes, said in response to the event, "I see the tremendous potential with all of the skill sets that Veterans have, combined with the will to serve their community and make a better world.  By obtaining the tools to teach others sustainable practices with food production, I feel that Veterans can lead the way to sustainability at a very fast pace."